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Fazail E Miswak By Author Maulana Athar Husain pdf

The miswak (miswaak, siwak, sewak, السواك) is a teeth cleaning twig made from a twig of the Salvadora persica tree (known as arak in Arabic). This great sunnah is being away from the muslims. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Umar (Radiallaho Anhu) used to put Miswak on his ear just like people keep pens nowadays. In this book you will read what are the attributes and advantages of Miswak and how can it benefit you.
  Fazail e Miswak islamic book in urdu pdf language with the size of 17.54 mb in high quality format posted into islamic books Visit the below mentioned mediafire link to download Fazail e Miswak By Maulana Athar Husain urdu pdf or Download islamic urdu book free.Fazail e Miswak book is complete in Pdf format here, consisting 33 pages and a very small size of2.79 MB only 

Brief Information of the book
Book Name:
Fazail e Miswak
Maulana Athar Husain
2.79 MB
It is a highly knowledgeable book and you can get many benefits from this book. If you want any book related to any topic or language then please comment here. We shall provide your required book

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